WARRIORS - 《群星之战》感想


拆分计划第一篇,原来的Introduction to Warriors过长。


真正战斗的部分只有最后70页,不过我写了整整一页笔记。书中提到雷族(ThunderClan)战死的只有冬青叶(Hollyleaf), 鼠毛(Mousefur), 香薇云(Ferncloud), 火星(Firestar)。当然,另一个关键的是斑叶(Spottedleaf)。其中火星被树砸死,虽然官方不赞同。结局是黑莓掌(Brambleclaw)成为黑莓星(Bramblestar),并且任命松鼠飞(Squirrelflight)为副族长(Deputy)。另外the Three的时代已经结束了。


If you have half the courage and loyalty of 火星, you will be a fine leader of 雷族. -- 蓝星(Bluestar)


An ending, and a beginning. -- 松鸦羽(Jayfeather)

For a brief moment, they had held the power of the stars in their paws. And now it was over. -- 鸽翅(Dovewing)

There will be three cats, kin of your kin, with the power of the stars in their paws. They will find a fourth, and the battle between light and dark will be won. A new leader will rise from the shadows of his death, and the Clans will survive beyond the momories of his memories. This is how it has always been, and how it will always be.


We watched the first sunrise over the lake. It burst water into flame. And in fiery reflection we see future of all cats: Tribe of Rusing Water, five Clan, four Clan, forest, and lake. We saw your whole journey, from lake to forest and back. The prophecies all came from that first reflected sunrise -- the cat with a pelt of flame who would save the Clans, the silver cat who would save the Tribe of Rusing Water, and finally the four who would carry the last hope not just of the Clans, but of light itself. Now we fear we see a final sunset that ends your story. -- 岩石(Rock) and 《午夜追踪》(Midnight)


Learn who to trust. It is heart that knows truth. -- 《午夜追踪》 to 鸽翅

Don't close eyes and wait for path to choose you. Choose path and follow it. -- to 狮焰(Lionblaze)

When all cats have closed eyes, we gave the gift of sight to the cat who is blind. You see more than most, but look inside, too. See your own strength. -- to 松鸦羽

对于《三力量》(Power of Three)的嘱托

(《星预言》(Omen of the Stars) #6P253)But tonight we will rage through the Clans like a storm until only the strong remain. We will build a new Clan where strength and victory are prized above weakness and failure.